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Your source for delectable
gourmet desserts in Jacksonville.

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Truly Delectable Macarons

Do you want a scrumptious and unique gourmet dessert? Our handcrafted Sweet Treats are the perfect indulgence. Try our Sampler Box with all five of our macaron flavors - Signature, Latte, Praline, Chocolate, and French Vanilla. Alternatively, make your own assortment in boxes of 10 and 15 macarons. We are also available to add an elegant touch to your wedding or any other celebration with our sweet indulgences.

Goblet of French Macarons

A Unique Take on the

French Macaron

We're your source for delectable gourmet desserts in the Jacksonville, Florida, area. With our unique take on the French macaron, we wanted to increase the flavor of a macaron and give our customers a delicious accompaniment to their coffee. Unlike the traditional French macaron, ours are made with ground hazelnuts rather than almonds, giving them a flavorful hazelnut shell. In our signature macaron, these shells are combined with a mocha ganache filling, creating the ultimate flavor trifecta - hazelnut, chocolate, and coffee. Best of all, our macarons are gluten-free and contain just 100 calories, 1.5 grams of cholesterol, and less than 5 grams of fat.

Enjoy our delightful macarons at your wedding.
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Purchase one of our macaron samplers as a gift for your loved one.
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Create your own macaron assortment box.
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